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Blast from the Past: 1986 World Series, Bill Buckner’s Famous Flub

November 4th, 2012 at 10:00 AM
By Wayne Staich

There are errors, and there are Errors. This was an Error. The Boston Red Sox held a three games to two lead in the series. Game six goes into extras, and Boston plates two runs in the top of the 10th. The first two Mets are retired in the bottom half, but little did the Red Sox know that they would not find a way to get the last out.

Three straight singles produced one run. With Mets' speedster Mookie Wilson at the plate and two strikes, Boston's Bob Stanley unleashes a wild pitch, allowing the tying run to score. Then came the chopper down the first-base line, the Error, and pandemonium at Shea Stadium

It is unfortunate that Bill Buckner will be remembered for this blunder; he was actually an All-Star first-baseman who had a fine career. What is usually overlooked in the whole thing is the fact that even if Buckner had fielded it cleanly, he was playing so deep that it's unlikely the throw to first would have beaten the swift Wilson to the bag. In that case, the Mets would have had the winning run on third, but Boston would have had one more chance to escape the inning alive. 

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