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Padres Ink Pair Of Top Picks

Mayo also reports a pair of Padres signings — both of which are high school catchers (Twitter links). San Diego saved a little more than $400K on No. 39 overall pick Luis Campusano-Bracero, inking him for $1.3MM.

This (Last) Week In Twitter – 6/21/17

When you're a terrible team like the Padres, draft week is like our World Series.  The Padres twittersphere exploded with "exciting" draft talk as we now sit and wait for four to five years to see if it was a good draft!  Luckily, in the interim, we can bask in the glory of literally every…

Andy Green delivers peace for our time

On Monday, Anthony Rizzo veered out of the basepaths while running home, crashing into the Padres' rookie catcher, Austin Hedges. Thankfully, Hedges appears to have suffered no serious injury.

Padres 0, Cubs 4: Friars drop game two in a shutout, but keep their integrity

It wasn't the worst loss, but at least we didn't try to inflict damage on another player in order to win. A combination of letting runs sneak through and failing to bring runners home added up to...

Yangervis Solarte headed to DL

An oblique strain douses the Padres' hottest hitter.

Yangervis Solarte Headed For DL Due To Strained Oblique

The Padres announced to reporters prior to tonight's game that infielder Yangervis Solarte was scratched from the lineup due to a strained left oblique muscle (Twitter links via Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune). He'll be placed on the 10-day disabled list due to the injury, according to Lin.

Anthony Rizzo will not be punished for injuring Austin Hedges

MLB won't be punishing him for injuring Austin Hedges.

Anthony Rizzo will not be disciplined for collision with Austin Hedges

Anthony Rizzo violated the Buster Posey rule when he collided with Austin Hedges at the plate during Monday's Cubs-Padres game, but the first baseman will avoid discipline despite violating the rule.

MLB concludes Rizzo violated collision rule

Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo defended his rolling up into a ball like Sonic the Hedgehog and taking out Austin Hedges last night saying that most people don't understand the rule like he does. Padres'...

MLB reviewing Anthony Rizzo home plate collision

In an attempt to tie up Monday night's game against the San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo collided with Padres catcher Austin Hedges. While Hedges was able to prevent the tyi


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