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San Diego Padres: Week #3 Power Rankings Update

Where do the San Diego Padres stand according to power rankings as the club is three weeks in? We take a look at all of the major lists.

San Diego Padres: No Bad Dudes in the Clubhouse

Unlike past seasons, the San Diego Padres have some quality teammates in the clubhouse, a major positive for a club still hoping for long awaited success.

San Diego Padres: Week #3 Recap

The full rundown on how our San Diego Padres fared in the regular season's third week. As we have come to expect, inconsistency remains the theme.

Where Can The Padres Fit Cory Spangenberg?

With Cory Spangenberg on fire at Triple-A, the Padres may be in a bit of a roster crunch,'s AJ Cassavell writes.  Spangenberg could be called up to take some playing time away from the struggling Ryan Schimpf at third base, though that still wouldn't give Spangenberg the everyday at-bats the Padres want him to…

Draft Prospect Hunter Greene Trying To Arrange Padres Selection?

"The rumors of [Hunter Greene] and his family attempting to maneuver his way to the No. 3 pick with the Padres are a poorly kept secret," Baseball America's John Manuel writes as part of a mock draft.  Greene, a high school pitcher/shortstop, reportedly wants to be a Padre for geographical (Greene is from Los Angeles)…

Padres Confirm Interest In Luis Robert

The White Sox, Padres, Cardinals, Reds and Astros are among the favorites to sign Robert,'s Jesse Sanchez writes, echoing previous reports. Sanchez also lists the Athletics as a possibility, noting that the A's have spent heavily on international talent (including Cuban outfielder Lazaro Armenteros) since July and have "strong interest" in Robert.

San Diego Padres: What Good is Erick Aybar Doing?

The San Diego Padres have a slew of prospects at the shortstop position for fans to get excited about. In the meantime, watching a veteran during a

This Week In Padres Twitter – 4/21/17

So while I was traveling to Atlanta to watch the Padres play the Braves at Suntrust Park, SHOCKINGLY Marver didn't post last week's This Week In Padres Twitter.  Before we get too deep into things, let's go to the hot new feature that's sweeping Padres Twitter: Days Since Marver Has Actually Written Something Days Since…

San Diego Padres: Embracing the Inconsistency

The harsh reality for fans of the San Diego Padres is that the rest of the season is bound to be filled with the same sorts of ups and downs which

San Diego Padres: Five-Year Blunder?: Switch to 94.9 as Broadcast Station

Ever since the San Diego Padres switched their radio station to 94.9, the clear shortcomings of the broadcasts have tainted one major way fans take in games


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